Ancient land of great religions. Land of the Great Captains. The oldest ancient harbor of ancient Iran. With wells sunk from the hardest rocks. With water jets. A great deal of architecture. With mountain graves. A symbol of the ancient religion.

First you must go to the martyrs cemetery. After a short walk, you will have an amazing view:

Siraf Mountain
Siraf Mountain

A big twisted valley and a ridge of hard rock. Great stones are the tomb of anonymous people. The cavities are carefully and elegantly excavated from above the mountain to the bottom. Holes that are tightly connected to the next .

Siraf Holes
siraf Holes – Click to see real size.


siraf well
wells in the Siraf

Then I found an ancient grave. There were two graves in that crypt. Maybe they were two lovers. The grave dates back to more than three thousand years same as other wells in here. It seems that with all the injuries that nature and humankind have made, both of them are dormant together :

Siraf grave

Some of other photos :


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