About me …

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About me …

My name is Masoud Ebrahimi. I studied computer science and robotic. I have been programming for many years in different companies. Various applications range from financial and administrative software to micro-controllers and electronic board designs. Then for many years I’ve been the director of programming teams, hardware manufacturing teams and startup teams. In recent years, I have been working more closely on commissioning industrial telecommunication facilities at refineries and power plants.

Masoud Ebrahimi old photoI was very interested in photography from childhood. Since I remember, I took pictures with an old russian Zenit camera from everywhere. I later bought a Yashica Camera and then a professional Minolta camera with a great Tamron lens. This camera for the first time introduced me to photography techniques. I think Digital cameras were not yet on the market. In my opinion, these same negative cameras were much better. Because you could not get too many photos. Could not see your photos right away. So you did your best to make adjustments and review the conditions. And this is an important issue.


Where is Elvand ?

Elvand is the largest peak near my birthplace. I was born and grew up in Golpayegan . One of the most beautiful small cities in the center of Iran.With high mountains and lush plains. With gardens full of fruit. On the one hand it is close to the desert. On the other hand to a beautiful blue dam. It is among the high mountains. With a thousand years old. Golpayegan means “fortress of flowers” and “land of tulips” . Thanks to spadana group for pic


Who is Elvand ?

Hossein Ebrahimi ElvandElvand was the acronym for a great translator of children’s books in Iran. His full name was Hussein Ebrahimi (wiki in persian) . my uncle. He was born in 1951 in Golpayegan. He lived until 2007. During this years, he translated more than 100 books for children of my land. He is considered the most proud translator of Iran in terms of the number of awards he received during his lifetime. ➡ Elvand; founder of children’s literature modern translation


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